Michaela Gleave, Messages of Hope, Messages of Love (2020)

Client: Art Gallery of New South Wales
Year: 2020
Messages of hope, messages of love is a public artwork by Australian artist Michaela Gleave. Taking the form of a collaborative poem projected in lights from the roof of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the artwork was composed of messages submitted by the public and translated into Morse code.

Gleave’s artwork brightened the night sky over Sydney for three consecutive evenings in October 2020. The project was a love letter to Sydney, conceived as a timely and poetic response to the strange reality of that time. It encouraged messages of love, hope, resilience, strength and compassion.

Created by Michaela Gleave in collaboration with lighting designer Fausto Brusamolino, Messages of hope, messages of love operated between 8pm and midnight on 16, 17 and 18 October 2020. There were 360 messages projected into the sky during this period. Each one was viewable from a radius of 2–5km from the Gallery and via live stream webcam accompanied by text translations.

The artist would like to thank all participants in the project.

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