BABY G by Casio

Pretty Tough Girl featuring Steph Claire Smith for BABY-G
Year: 2019
This year BABY-G are welcoming their 25th anniversary across the globe. To celebrate this, homegrown beauty Steph Claire Smith is announced the face of BABY-G in Australia for 2019 with the launch of their new campaign, Pretty Tough Girl.

Highlighting BABY-G’s coming of age with a watch to suit every girl, this campaign hopes to positively inspire women to be ambitious and unapologetically themselves! Steph pushes limits to pursue her goals; from KIC’ing it in workouts to powering through business meetings, her BABY-G is always by her side. BABY-G gives you the foundations to get through every knock and bump in all stages of your life… a watch for every moment; big or small.

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The Romance Was Born Watch
Year: 2017

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