A Romance Story by Romance Was Born

A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Lara Merrett
Year: 2022
We caught up with Lara Merrett at Sullivan + Strumpf during her latest show; by my side, walking. A beautiful new series of translucent works touched by nature and awash with saturations of colour. lara shares her process, her deep affinity with nature, being open to the unknown and joy of connecting through collaboration.
A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Ken Done
Year: 2022
Ken Done talks about being big in Japan, cute koalas and the big question..."what colour am i gonna paint that bloody vase?” we visit his home studio overlooking the perennial beauty of Sydney Harbour to hear his thoughts on painting and working creatively.it’s always a toe-tapping good time with mr. done! generous with his ideas and free spirited, you can’t help but enjoy yourself in Ken Done’s company. as a wise woman at Vogue once stated; “there’s an integrity to everything he touches.” here! here! 
A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Meagan Pelham
Year: 2022
Sit back and enjoy the poetry of our featured artist Meagan Pelham. Meagan shares her dreams of love and more love; "I am an artist and poet and i work with Anna (and Luke) from Romance Was Born. I designed clothes with love poetry writing and my Beauty and the Beast rose flowers. I love writing about romance and love… love is love! people find love!”
A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Glenn Barkley
Year: 2021
Artist Glenn Barkley finds inspiration in living. from the day-to-day, like cruisin‘ down an internet hole or the simple joy of gardening. to pondering poetry’s acute philosophy, history, the history of ceramics, Indiana Jones and archeology.

It’s clear glenn draws on many forms of inspiration and shares Romance Was Born’s love of making and a “more is more is more“ aesthetic. his show the urn of bitter prophecy opens this week at Sullivan + Strumpf.
A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Carla Uriarte
Year: 2020
Enter the freaky styley world of Carla Uriarte.

Carla is a good vibe artist, stream-of-consciousness tripper and warrior for love - right on sister! we love her optimism and downright cool art.

Lukey says, “Carla has a really peaceful positive chilled vibe that i wanted to see translated into clothing.” this upbeat collaboration is just what the season calls for...
A Romance Story with Featured Artist: Samuel Hodge
Year: 2020
Longterm friend and official photographer for the 2018 Step into Paradise show in Paris. Romance Was Born often ask artist Samuel Hodge to interpret and document their pieces with his easygoing wit and keen eye, most recently meshing their aesthetic to produce the golden promise. we caught up with Samuel to hear his thoughts post the rwb collaboration and after the opening of his show The Wit of the Staircase at UNSW Galleries.

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